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Why should I use Redline Batteries?

Performance: Redline Batteries are manufactured to the highest possible standards and are designed specifically for the models they are intended to fit. Redline Batteries are durable and have class leading performance.

Price: Redline Batteries are produced by one of the leading battery manufacturers in the world and are then shipped directly to Australia. With no “middle man”, you are buying a world class product at distribution prices. We will not be beaten by any other supplier in Australia on price.

Shipping: Redline Batteries are one of the only battery suppliers in Australia who offer FREE SHIPPING to almost every part of the country, saving you serious money on shipping costs. All shipping is by registered courier and in most areas will be delivered to your door within 1-3 days.

Warranty: All Redline Batteries come with a no quibble 12 month warranty. If the battery fails in that period, we will replace it immediately.

Australian Owned: Redline Batteries are a proudly Australian owned and operated business. Your dollar stays in Australia.

Loyalty: As a Redline Batteries customer, you will receive discounted rates on replacement batteries and other Redline products. Register your details on our “Preferred Client List” and receive the latest offers, giving you further discounts on what is already Australia’s best value battery line up.


How long should a battery last?

There are multiple factors which affect battery life

Climate: In colder climates battery life can be reduced due to infrequent use. Recharging on the battery during irregular use is critical to maximising battery life. Hot climates cause the battery to discharge at a faster rate. Again, regular charging is the best method to ensure maximum battery life.

Useage: Periodic charging is the best defense against battery failure. If the vehicle is not used at least twice a week, monthly charging is recommended.

Application: The model of vehicle will affect how long the battery lasts. The more electrical applications the battery is forced to run, will impact on the battery life. Large capacity vehicles are also generally harder on batteries due to extra charge required during start up.

Negative Factors are;

Sulfation:  Sulfation is a build up of crystals on the plates of a battery. This comes from not charging a battery properly. The more sulfation that builds up, the harder the battery is to charge, until finally it does not charge at all.

WaterLoss : Water loss can come from overcharging, or just simple evaporation over time. This only happens with conventional batteries. This does not happen with sealed AGM batteries. Once the plates of a battery are left open to the air, above the fluid level, they can corrode very quickly. Corrosion can cause an internal short, and very quickly destroy the battery. Keeping proper water levels maintained is very important.

Lack of Charging : As mentioned previously, lack of proper charging is the main reason that a battery will not last as long as it should. At the very minimum, a battery should be charged once a month if left unused.

Complete Drain:  Have you ever left your key on, and totally killed the battery? If recovered in a short time period, the battery should charge back to 100%. But every time this happens, it is similar to the battery having a "heart attack", and shortening its overall life. Always turn your vehicle off with the keyed ignition switch, not the "kill switch".


How should a battery be maintained?

Good battery maintenance should include the following: 

1. Always keep the acid level between Lower and upper lines on front side of the container (conventional type batteries). 

2. Do not let the battery stand in a discharged condition. 

3. Charge battery once a month. 

4. When motorcycle is stored over 30 days, plug in an automatic battery charger to maintain a proper storage charge. 

5. Keep battery top clean, dry and free of dirt. 

6. Clean battery terminals to prevent corrosion. Inspect vent tube, ensuring that it is not bent, twisted or clogged.

7. Protect the battery from strong impacts or shocks.


What can cause a new battery to fail soon after installation?

If a new battery becomes unserviceable within a few days or weeks after its installation it may be due one or more of the following reasons: 

1. A faulty charging system. 

2. A short circuit in the electrical system. 

3. Battery terminals are dirty or not properly connected. 

4. Excessive ignition off drains or high parasitic drains. 

5. Electrical capacity of the battery is insufficient for size of the vehicle. 

6. The battery has been inadequately activated, dissipating its strength from the outset. 

7. The battery, after being filled with acid has been left too long without initial charging, and has been allowed to become sulfated.


Why should you charge your battery once a month?

When not in use, a battery discharges on a daily basis sometimes up to 0.5-1%. This rate of discharge increases when the climate is warm. To make up for this loss from disuse, a boosting charge should be given once a month.